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Screen recording project


Create a screen recording project.

  1. From the File menu select 'New Screen Recording' or press Ctrl+R

  2. Click the Screen button.

  3. Click the dropdown to choose the screen area to record
    • Full Screen
    • Presets
    • Recent Areas
    • Fit To Application

    For more details, please follow this link.

  4. Click the dropdown to set how many frames per second are to be captured.
     Note that although a higher frame rate will result in larger file size, this will also make the playback motion smoother.

  5. Click the Record button or press Ctrl+F1

  6. Click the Stop button or press Ctrl+F1

The screen recording is added to the project.



Click the Timer button to display the countdown window.

By default, the countdown is set to 3 seconds. To change the countdown option, click the dropdown.

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